Pattern Maker


About Pattern Maker

Pattern Maker is a simple and intuitive application for creating symmetric logos and patterns. It allows users to create logos using a customizable kaleidoscope tool that produces a spline exportable to a SVG format. The tool also allows creating patterns from the designed logo. The pattern can be customized with spacing, offsets and more.

How to use

Each of the elements of the Pattern Maker window has a tooltip that displays on mouse hover. These tooltips explain the functionality of each of the window elements.

To start designing a logo, specify the kaleidoscope symmetry in the first box and click on the “Logo Design” button. A new window will open allowing you to create your logo. After the window is closed, the file can be saved to an SVG format by clicking on the “Save” button. You can then import this file into Adobe Illustrator.

The “Check Pattern” button creates a pattern out of the designed logo. The pattern can be customized via the provided text boxes. Enter offset and tilling options in the provided boxes. The tooltips can help you see which box has which function.

The “Load” button can be used to load your own logo design into the program. You can then use “Check Pattern” to create a pattern out of the logo.


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