Grocery & Daily Needs Delivery Android App – Milkbasket Clone with Subscription Option & PHP Backend



MilkBasket | Bigbasket CLONE – Milk Subscription Android App with complete PHP Backend.


Super Admin Panel
email-> [email protected]
password-> admin

City-Admin Panel
email- [email protected]
password– admin



Delivery Boy demo details:
user: 8888888888
pass: 1234


Feature’s of GoHybrid:

  • GoHybrid App is fully Subscription & Buy-once
  • Login/Registration page.
  • User Selected Area & City.
  • Products Filters: Facilitate quick search to find products from selected cities.
  • Instantly display the matching results “as you type” in an autocomplete.
  • Alert(Great feature): Gohybrid subscription App alert user’s by, SMS, email, & In-App notifications.
  • Subscription: User can subscribe to the products as per own comfortability & subscriptions give users access to content, services, or premium features in your app on an ongoing basis.
  • Single-click to add subscribe all the products from the collection. It saves shopper’s valuable time and effort.
  • Users can cancel, resume and pause the order.
  • Subscription of the day: Shoppers can check selected subscribed products.
  • Users can Recharge their wallet
  • Confirm order by
  • Run Banners and Promotions: Highlight seasonal offers and promotion through banners on the homepage.
  • Complain: After successful completion of delivery if customer not satisfied then the customer can raise complain from its past orders.
  • Secure and multiple payment options: This App allows our customers to recharge the wallet via PayPal and Razor pay.
  • Order List & Details
  • User can Modify their subscribed products.


Admin Feature:

  • Setting: Facilitate to give setting of our profile, App logo, currency, SMS API key, FCM server key, payment mode & set the delivery time.
  • On the dashboard, admin can check the total users, complete orders and ongoing subscriptions.
  • Admin can create a city and also create CITY ADMIN for a particular city.
  • All city admin can add, update & delete own products, categories, banners, and also a delivery boy.                                   
  • The order status updates by city admin.
  • Facilitate to give first recharge offer’s.
  • Admin can create subscription plans within multiple choice like: Daily, Every3rd Day, Alternate Days & Every 7th day.
  • Admin can manage the user complains. if the user’s not satisfied.
  • Set standard FAQs for users on the app from backend 

Multi-City Feature:

  • Admin will create different cities as per their area of operation
  • Each city Sub-admin will manage their cities accordingly
  • Sub-Admin of any city will manage Products, Stocks, Banners, Offers, Notifications, Order management, Delivery Boys & much more.

Dispatch Panel Feature:

  • Every city Sub-Admin will have access to Dispatch panel from where it will be easy to dispatch orders & assign delivery boys. 
  • City Admin can also send notifications to delivery boys to alert them

Delivery boy App Feature:

  • Delivery boy will receive assigned orders
  • Delivery boy can ON/OFF the duty hours
  • Get Notifications for Assigned orders OR from City Admin 
  • Can mark orders complete or cancelled or Half done.




Update List: 15 Jan, 2020

  • Minor Issues Resolved in Backend 

Update List: 19 Oct, 2019


1. Setting – Edit Profile > Add Alternate mobile Number > Add One More delivery Timing 2. Add Pin Code Colum

3. City admin Section > S.N.—City Name—Admin Name—Mb.—Email—City Image—Login > City admin secret login from Super Admin

4. First Recharge Offer > Wallet Amount—Reward Point—Product—City—Free for—Action

5. Give Free Credits > S.N.—User ID—User Name—City Name—Wallet Credit—Reward Points—Action

6. Area Management >S.N.—Name—COD (Yes or No)—Delivery Charges—Action

7. Delivery Boy >S.N.—Name—Address—Mobile—Delivery Boy Code—image—Confirm(Y or N)—Action >He will verify by confirming from city admin then he will be able to Login


1. Signup > OTP based signup >Forgot password >Customer Address (Now user can add multi address with Edit And Delete Option )

2. Home Page > Logo will take the place of present search bar and search bar will be below that bar single and broad > Product Tile display

3. In General, If Subscribe rate is 0 then that box will disappear and “Buy Once” will become “Buy”

4. Every product slider with “See All” button

5. Need two delivery time bars

6. At the end of the Home page ->Gap between “Buy Once” Bar and “Cart or Checkout” Bar